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Place published: 21.7.2017

We slept on this spot for 3 nights. First night there was Vítek with another motor home. Second and third were more of motor homes.

You can park on a gravel parking right by railway or on the opposite side of the road. If you park as we did, you will have a great lake view 🙂

Train is not passing often and night is quiet. We slept there very well.

We usually left the car here for parking fee 4EUR. Which is by the way the cheapest parking per day by Bled. Another parking 400m far by Mercator shop want 10EUR per day and if you want to stay there during the night you pay another 10EUR. Other parkings are equal. Usually 10 per day or per hour – expensive fun.


There is also train station with small tavern. There is also public toilet available. 3 more Mercators are around the lake.


Latitude: 46.367326
Longtitude: 14.0822141845
Count with possible GPS inaccuracy while searching.
Country: Wild camping in Slovenia,

The nearest town or village: Bled

Other informations

Source of water near by:
8-10 minutes to the lake by walk.

Average size of place:
more than 5 tents (1 tent for 2-3 people, not huge hangars)
Space for 40 cars.

Place is accessible for all vehicles and caravans.

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  1. Travis Rhodes  |  

    Hi, I’m planning on going to Lake Bled and would love to camp near it. Do you think there would be any possibility of camping here…were there tents pitched when you slept in your motor home?

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