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Place published: 4.2.2018

Chata Sova is located less than 2 hours from Ruská Nová Ves where you get by public transportation from Prešov.

There is a small porch for 2-3 ppl. There is also fire place, table and benches.

Spring with drinkable water is 10m from the hut and is covered by a roof.

The hut is locked.


Latitude: 48.977733
Longtitude: 21.366919864807
Count with possible GPS inaccuracy while searching.
Country: Wild camping in Slovakia,

The nearest town or village: Ruská Nová Ves

Other informations

Source of water near by:

Average size of place:
without tent, only 3-4 sleeping bags
3-4 sleeping bags, more place around hut.

Place is accessible only by walk for everyone.


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