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Adding new spots with registration has a lot of benefits 
a) you can save incomplete spots into concepts
b) easily mark your spot on map
c) for us big advantage that we can contact you in case that something is missing or is not clear
d) possibility to add 3 photos (you can add only 1 without registration)

e) once the spot is published, you receive e-mail notification
f) you can choose whether you want to be mentioned as an author of spot with link to your profile or stay anonymous

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Once you will submit spot for review, you won't be able to edit it. Fill in all fields carefully please and DON'T FORGET to set featured image. In case of any issues contact [email protected] Thank you!


Place description, how to find it etc.*
Describe the place (how does it look like, description of route, how to recognize it, is there something interesting around...).

Sources of water around*
SpringCreekRiverLakeBeachNothingNot sure

Notice to water source (optional)
Do you want to mention something more? Where is the spring? Is the lake good for fishing? (ex. we'd realized next day that the water in the spring is probably not drinkable...;)

Approximate place size*
We count with standard tents for 2-3 people, not huge hangars. Without tent means that there is no space for it or it is not needed (place is under overhang, in cave, under bridge or other places where is space only for sleeping pad).

Notice to place size (optional)
If option does not fit, choose the closest one and fill in the notice with your explanation.

Specification of place accessibility*
Choose one option.

Image for item*

GPS position*
If you don't know GPS coordinates, find your spot on Google map and click - at the bottom part of your browser you will see border with informations. The first number is GPS latitude and the second one is GPS longtitude, copy them here and that's it 🙂 (or add spots after signup/signin and it will be possible to mark spot directly on the map)

GPS latitude
GPS longitude

Choose category of the place*

The nearest town or village*
Name of the nearest town or village. It will help to people with orientation and searching.

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